Alastair Cook

Alastair Cook ©2013 Alastair Cook

An established and award winning fine artist, Alastair works with lens-based media focusing on large format film and antique photographic practice. In the last two years, he has held two exhibitions of his wet plate collodion photographic plates at Dunbar Town House, in East Lothian, attracting attention from the national media. Alastair also works as a filmmaker using 8mm and 16mm film, combining these with digital technology to great effect. He is founding director of Filmpoem, a film and film festival project, partnering Felix Festival in Antwerp in 2014 as well as working with Poetry International 2014 at the Royal Festival Hall on London’s South Bank. He describes his work is ‘mercurial, rooted in place and the intrinsic connections between people, land and sea.’ Alastair is also a founding partner in Document Britain, a photographic collective dedicated to the promotion of British documentary and film photography.