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Each Artist, using their preferred medium, presented their impressions on the sugar industry in Inverclyde. From slavery through World Wars, this is a timeline; an account; a portrayal through the eyes of 8 Artists.

Alec said of the project as a whole, “I feel, each Artist really excelled in pushing ideas and sharing those ideas through visual art, song, poetry, music and storytelling. The project will hopefully stand as a legacy through the archive produced and will maybe inspire future generations to gain a better insight into the sugar industry.”  From 8 diverse and different Artists came a narrative presented in various mediums with a thematic commonality which, at the time, was not evident even amongst themselves.  History is a narrative and Absent Voices introduces multiple art forms in which to      examine and understand the emotion that fuels the storytelling. History has a voice.

“I feel that we have produced work that is insightful and  emotional.  Looking back on the project as a whole, when the entire body of work is assembled, the impact of the sugar industry is evident from a humanitarian standpoint to the elevation of a town that began life as a herring fishing port and which subsequently moved on to produce 2000 tons of raw sugar in one week at the height of its success. That's worth remembering and documenting.” Alec Galloway.