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Born in Greenock Scotland Alec, who graduated with Honours (1996) Edinburgh College of Art, draws inspiration from an area rich with colour and heritage.  

From the spectacular scenery to the decaying shipyards, his compositions reflect themes of nature interspersed with family and social history.  Alec is a celebrated artist who creates monumental art pieces with a voice from the past to the present.  A musician himself, he has a music inspired theme running through a body of work, featuring a variety of musical artists and instruments that serves to explore influence and interconnections relating to musical symbiosis.

Storytelling through the medium of glass and paint is the fundamental element of his work.   Whether creating for exhibition or manifesting a commission, Alec applies empathy to the process, the results of which visibly demonstrate passion and integrity.

 When asked to describe his creative process Alec said "The great Cornish painter Peter Lanyon said that he sought to "describe a mile of history in a gesture. “ I find this quote particularly inspiring.  It captures the spirit and the immediacy that Peter Lanyon demonstrated in his painting and it resonates deeply within me."

Alec resided in UAE fulfilling commissions in Oman, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia until he returned to Scotland in 2000 to take up a post as Lecturer in Architectural Glass at Edinburgh College of Art and went on to re-establish his Cara Glass, one of the most highly respected studios in the country.